Starting your pond journey: A step-by-step guide to planning A pond

Pond guide featured image

So you are interested in creating your first pond? If you want to do it right the first time around, it is helpful to have a plan. You can formulate your plan by answering a series of questions. Follow the guidelines below, and let’s get started! The basic questions for planning a pond. Before you … Read more

Can You Add Cement On Top Of Pond Liner?


A pond liner is a thick plastic lining that helps keep the water in your pond and keeps it from getting really muddy. Sadly, because it is thin plastic it can be ripped from animals within the pond, or sharp rocks and tree roots underneath it. Adding cement, mortar, or concrete over the top of … Read more

8 easy ways to fill in a garden pond


The reason to fill in a garden pond may be for personal, safety, aesthetic visibility, among many others. No matter the reason, there will be a solution here for you. Fill in the hole left by your pond with large rocks, followed by gravel and loose dirt. This will ensure that minimal settling of the … Read more

Step-by-step: How To Fix Pond Liner To Wood


You’ve been itching to make a pond in your backyard. Perhaps you are wanting a pretty addition to the landscaping in your yard, or perhaps you are a koi fish enthusiast. Whatever your reasoning, you now need to know how you can attach your pond liner to the wood deck that you will be attaching … Read more