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Discover the essence of aquatic elegance with Liquid Features. Our website is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive information on the design, construction, and maintenance of water features, along with insights into water quality management. Our goal is to be your trusted resource for all water feature-related queries and guidance.

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Mission Statement

Liquid Features aims to empower our readers to create and maintain water features that fulfill their aspirations for relaxation and tranquility. We are committed to delivering knowledge that adheres to the highest environmental and engineering standards.

Our Story

Established in 2021 and rejuvenated in 2023 by a team led by an experienced irrigation engineer, Liquid Features has been crafted to offer superior content on water features and water quality. We are focused on consolidating our existing content and ensuring that all new articles meet our stringent quality criteria.

Who We Are

Our team is spearheaded by Henry H., MSc, an irrigation engineer with 40 years of international experience in the water sector. His extensive knowledge in various water-related disciplines is the foundation of the expert advice and insights we provide.

Our Responsibility

At Liquid Features, we are dedicated to upholding editorial integrity. Our guiding principle is to offer unbiased advice, drawing upon our vast experience and research capabilities.

  • Unbiased Content: We are committed to providing content that is free from bias, ensuring our reviews and guides are based purely on their merits.
  • Expertise-Driven: Our content is enriched with the expertise of professionals who have dedicated their careers to water management.
  • Transparent Funding: While our site is funded through advertising, we maintain a clear separation between our content and any potential affiliate marketing to ensure our recommendations remain impartial.

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We invite our readers to engage with us through comments, feedback, and topic suggestions. Your input is valuable, and we are open to incorporating your insights into our content to better serve the community interested in water features.

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