Step-by-Step: How to build a pond in sandy soil


Considering whether or you can, should you build your pond on sandy soil? Here’s a simple, easy to follow guide for you to follow. The process behind constructing your own pond in sandy soil can be broken up into three simple steps: Digging and excavating the soil for your pond, Constructing your ideal pond while … Read more

Can Pond Plants Really Grow in Gravel?


Growing plants in a pond is essential, but what about the soil? It will make the water muddy and leave everything within the pond dirty. A clear pond with pretty plants is what we would all wish for, one that supports the fish and blossoms flowers each and every year. Planting plants in ponds can … Read more

How Deep Can a Pond Be without a Fence?


Picturing a quiet serene backyard and water pond is easy as you look out your back window. Wondering how and what a picture like that would cost to create would only deter from the imaginative moment, but it is important to consider important aspects like pond, fish, and family safety. Large bodies of water exceeding … Read more

How Close Can a Pond Be to the House?


You’ve been thinking about building a pond in your backyard. While it sounds nice having the pond up close where you can see it and enjoy it to the fullest, you’re also concerned about having it too close to your home. Small ponds holding less than 1000 gallons should be kept at a minimum of … Read more

The 11 Absolute Best Alternatives To Pond Liner


Every pond needs some kind of liner to help prevent leaking, erosion, and outside contamination. However, before you just choose the standard product, remember that there are lots of different options and alternatives for pond owners to consider. Materials like concrete, tarps, deflated pools/waterbeds, natural clay liners, butyl, and multiple variations of polyethylene (including high … Read more