What To Do With An Old Pond? 6 Creative Ideas

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Sometimes an old water feature needs a little touching up, or a complete restoration. Whether it’s a water fountain or a pond, a project like that can seem a little intimidating, but the possibilities are endless.

Building a hot tub, adjusting it to be a moat or water feature, a koi pond, or even a sandbox for your kids are all great ideas to consider when replacing or restoring your pond. There are many options, so time, cost, and available space should all be taken into consideration before making a decision.

What design or feature would fit your home and family? You should start by finding what first works for you and how it will fit into your home, as well as what to avoid as you move forward with your project.

What to Consider and Avoid when Restoring or Replacing an Old Pond

Restoring or replacing that old pond can be a satisfying project. However, it’s important to pay attention to the work that goes into any one of these ideas.

You should ask yourself questions like: Is the ground stable? Does my pond have a drainage pipe that could be damaged during my project? Are there any gas lines or important objects underneath or around the pound that I wish to restore or expand?

Begin by considering the stability of the pond. If your desire is to expand the area of the pond, then be sure to cut banks at a 3:1 slope. A vertical cut could cause your pond to be affected by the wave action of the water, depositing loose silt at the bottom of the cut.

You must also be certain that you will not be cutting into any underground pipes or objects which may be hidden around the area of the pound. If however, your desire is to remove or fill the pond in order to create something else entirely, then be sure to ensure that the ground below is stable.

You should also verify that what you are using to fill the pond is sturdy enough to hold the weight that will be placed above it.

Once you’ve evaluated how far you can expand or how to fill your pond, you can begin your desired project. Below are several options to choose from to guide your own imagination of what to do with that old pond.

Turning Your Pond into Your Own Hot Spring

You can turn your pond into your own hot tub or hot spring by adjusting the area to its desired effect and filtering out the unclean water. It is necessary to consider the type of hot tub or hot spring that you want.

Most of them will require a lengthy process that would include draining the pond, increasing its depth, installing rebar, smoothing out the surface, and adding additional piping and electrical wires.

You will also need help to adapt your pond to fully function on its own as a hot tub or hot spring.

A Moat to Brighten Your Garden Aesthetics

Start by connecting a small water feature or filter to your pond which can cycle the water. The moving water will add a nice sound to your backyard, and will help keep away mosquitoes from laying eggs there.

This is not generally a safe idea for homes with small children, as a fall into the water from the bridge over your “moat” can prove dangerous, and occasionally fatal.

Creating a Safe Environment for Koi Fish

A great idea for your pond is to remodel it. If you’re interested in adding fish to your pond, then you should incorporate a fish cave or two.

A fish cave can be a safe place in the bottom of the pond for all of your fish throughout the winter. These fish caves can keep them almost completely safe from harm.

You can simply clean out the pond and adjust it to fit the necessities of the koi fish if you feel the pond is either too large or too small.

A Place for Your Kids When the Beach is too Far Away

As an at home option away from the beach, you can create your own. It can be a safe place for the kids to play without taking a long trip away.

You can drain your old pond and fill it up with a structure box of sand for them to play in. You could even section off an area as a small pool for them to play in, giving the complete mini beach experience!

Building a Garden with a Water Source

If you desire to turn your small pond into something more aesthetically pleasing, then you can turn it into a beautiful garden without using too much filler material.

Be aware of the depth of your pond before taking on this project, as deeper ponds(as in those that are more than three feet deep) will need to be filled up with rubble until it reaches a safer depth to work with.

Turn Your Pond into Your own Bog Garden

If you live in a more humid or wet climate, then a project that accommodates that climate would be the perfect choice. Bog gardening is excellent for a wet or damp area. It requires a constantly wet soil throughout the year.

A bog garden can be a pleasing experience and can be easier to take care of over time.  

However, bog gardens also require a proper drainage system. the most suitable material to help with this is butyl liner.

Tip: Be careful moving forward with a bog garden project, as it may take a while to ensure that your garden is neither too wet nor too dry.

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