9 Ways To Get Rid of Larvae in Backyard Pond


Pond infested with mosquitoes? Don’t worry! There are always ways to get rid of larvae in your backyard. Filling your pond with fish is one of the easiest, most common ways to prevent mosquito infestations. Many species, especially minnows, bluegills, and mosquitofish are great options to consider as they will clean out a mosquito population … Read more

Can Pond Plants Go in Tap Water?


You’ve been looking at a particularly beautiful water lily, but are worried that you won’t be able to grow it inside with the tap water you already have. On their own, pond plants will be fine if left in tap water, especially when grown inside. However, if you want to add any fish or create … Read more

Do Garden Ponds Need Sunlight?


When building a pond, there are many variables to look at; how much sunlight a pond receives in a day is something you should consider. Too much sunlight or too little sunlight can affect both plants and animals. Garden ponds typically need 4-6 hours of direct sunlight a day. Aquatic plants require plenty of sunlight … Read more