The 8 Best Garden Waterfall Kits On The Market

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So you want to make your own backyard water feature in your garden with aquatic plants and all? There are lots of options out there, but this article includes some of the best ones!

All garden kit features come in varying prices, so the level of skill you have and the time you want to put into your garden will determine which kit is best for you.

1. AquaGarden Pond and Waterfall Kit

This kit requires little to no time to put together; it will take a period of a few hours to assemble rather than an entire weekend. It comes with a large basin with two different levels for the waterfall to trickle down on, different colored rocks and pebbles, implemented waterfall light, water filter, as well as a pump system in order to make the water flow through the basin.

On the highest level, you are able to put in moss or small aquatic plants to add decoration to the waterfall. It is also large enough that if you wanted to add fish you can!

You can find this kit on Amazon (FYI – we receive commissions on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you).

2. Koolscapes 270 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting

This kit is incredibly simple to put together and can certainly take a day to put together for a more affordable price. What you will receive is eight feet by ten feet of pond liner, a non-submersible water pump, two fountain heads for a small waterfall, and two fake floating lilies.

What is nice about this specific pond liner included in this kit is that you can cut it down to fit whatever size of pond you are looking to create.

If you don’t want to have a ten foot pond, then you can make it smaller without creating holes in the liner. Of course you can add whatever rocks or flowers around and inside of your pond as you like.

This kit can also be found on Amazon (FYI – we receive commissions on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you).

3. Blue Thumb Cascade Pondfree Waterfall Kits

If you don’t want to have a large pond with a waterfall, here is a simpler solution.

There are three different options, a ten inch fall, a twenty inch fall, or a twenty-eight inch fall. What will be included in the kit is a forty-five mil pond liner, a protective layer for underneath the liner, a waterfall box, a pump, piping, as well as a pump canyon to protect the pump from water and rocks.

This kit is created by The Pond Guy and they seem to have pretty strong service. Many folks say that they received their pond kit within a week of ordering the kit.

There are also several PDF files on their website that if you lose your instructions, there are more ways of knowing how to assemble your new waterfall kit. It is a wonderful weekend project that isn’t hard to assemble on your own.

4. Simply Ponds 2100 Water Garden and Pond Kit

To assemble this waterfall in your backyard will take at least a weekend, it is fifteen feet by twenty feet. Included in this kit is a sixteen inch waterfall, a faux rock pond skimmer, a submersible pump, a liner to put along the ground, a pond liner to retain water, tubing, also included is a light for the bottom of the pond.

Though this isn’t a front porch pond, this is a beautiful backyard pond that creates a peaceful waterfall for some quiet ambience while enjoying the serenity of your new feature.

This kit can also be found on Amazon (FYI – we receive commissions on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you).

5. Canyon Resin Cascading Fountain Staggered Rock with LED Light

This backyard rock waterfall feature is absolutely stunning. This type of feature doesn’t really require any assembly as the ones listed above do. It isn’t a large pond that requires a hole, it is a simple rock waterfall that can sit on your front porch or placed decoratively in your backyard.

What is included in this smaller feature is of course the large rock waterfall, a pump, lights, as well as electrical wiring to connect it to your house.

The directions state that if you do happen to live in a colder climate with potential snowfall and below freezing temperatures, it needs to be stored away during the winter months.

This kit can be found on Wayfair.

6. Alpine Fiberglass Three Tier Rainforest Rock Water Fountain

This rock feature also does not require a large pond in order to run. This water feature is even simpler to assemble with just the rock waterfall itself, lighting, pump, as well as the electric need to hook it up to your house. Twenty-eight inches in height and fifty-nine inches in length, this rock waterfall is perfect for a subtle aquatic feature.

This rock waterfall is a wonderful addition to your backyard. There is minimal to no assembly. What is wonderful about water features is you can add any moss to create a different atmosphere and vibe to your rock feature.

Because of the size of this feature, it doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance or excessive watching. This rock feature also needs to be monitored and put away according to temperatures if you happen to live in a colder climate.

This kit can be found on Wayfair.

7. Aquascape Complete Waterfall Kit

If you’re looking for a larger waterfall, this feature has a six foot stream for the waterfall. It requires a few days in order to dig a large enough hole to line while also filling with water and preparing the pump.

Included in this kit is of course two different liners for the ground as well as a liner to retain water, a pump, a water spillway as well as a vault for the waterfall, with the final product being piping. The liner is ten feet by ten feet, which is a much larger feature; this is perfect for putting in all kinds of aquatic plants, and even fish.

This large water feature is perfect for pond enthusiasts who want to spice up their backyard. Some interesting points about this feature are that you can control the flow of water through the pump wirelessly. It is an easy to install feature that will take a while, but once completed, adds an element of peace to your backyard.

This kit can be found on Amazon (FYI – we receive commissions on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you).

8. Half Off Ponds 16 Inch Waterfall Kit

This particular feature comes in several different sizes and varying price ranges. There are five liner sizes: fifteen feet by fifteen feet, fifteen feet by twenty feet, fifteen feet by twenty feet, twenty feet by twenty feet, and twenty feet by twenty-five feet.

Each pond size requires varying levels of maintenance. The kit you receive includes a sixteen inch waterfall, a pond skimmer, a submersible pump, pond liner, tubing, submersible lights, plumbing fixtures, and Savio black foam.

Given the size of this feature, it will take a weekend if not more to put together, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a beautiful addition to your yard.

This kit can be found on Amazon (FYI – we receive commissions on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you).

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