Can a Pond Pump Electrocute Fish?


A little shock here and there can make for an unpleasing adventure to the inhabitants of your pond. Whether you catch a shock yourself, or you notice weird actions from your fish, making sure your pond is electricity-free is important. A pond pump and the surrounding wiring can be the cause of electrocution for both … Read more

GUIDE: How to Keep Minnows in a Garden Pond


You’ve been thinking about your fish pond in your backyard, wondering how you might change it up a bit and have begun to think about adding minnows to your pond. Minnows are an easy fish to keep in your pond because they require minimal maintenance and are mainly self-sufficient. However, because minnows repopulate so quickly, … Read more

Can You Keep Perch In A Garden Pond?


Perch are beautiful fish to keep in your backyard. They are great for food, but also to keep stocked in a pond. Perch can be kept in ponds as long as their needs are met. Perch live best in water at least twelve feet deep, and around 70 to 75°F. Perch are predators, and are … Read more

Can You Keep Trout In A Garden Pond?


Garden ponds are a great source of beauty in a backyard. They can be full of plant life and animal life, however some fish do better in ponds than others. Trout can be kept in backyard ponds if certain conditions are met. Trout need to be kept in cooler water, from 50 to 65 degrees … Read more

Why Your Pond Fish Disappear and What To Do


It can be frustrating when your fish disappear from your pond, but with a little work, you can minimize these losses. Fish often go missing because they have been startled by something and are hiding in your pond, or because they have been eaten by a predator, such as birds, frogs, or even household pets. … Read more